Sectors of Interest

Litwit seeks to build a strong portfolio of real estate assets in strategic locations all around the world and exceed a capital base of $20 million of Assets Under Management over the next decade.

Our real estate platform seeks to develop cost-effective quality properties within Nigeria and global cities with potential to have significant rising commercial activities. Our model is to acquire strategic assets, develop these assets cost effectively and sell to various stakeholders ensuring high net profit for our core investors.

Some of our recent projects include:


Project: Manhattan Hills Estate, Abuja

Private Equity Real Estate Income

Our growing $3.9million real estate portfolio in assets spread across different cities. We aim to increase our portfolio by acquiring strategic real estate assets (both residential & commercial) in prime environments within developed cities across the globe.

Our average returns are 5 – 8% in USD and we hope to exceed $20 million of real estate assets under management within the next six to eight years.

Litwit Investment – Mutual Funds

We help clients invest in mutual funds in Nigeria and other African countries. Our team selects placements made by financial institutions regulated by the Securities Exchange Commission and invests in offers made in these firms. Our target is to exceed N8 billion in mutual funds over the next five years placed in regulated financial institutions. Some of our portfolios include:

Litwit Investment – Agro Commodities

Litwit Investment seeks to harvest a vast array of agricultural fields of various crops in strategic locations in Nigeria and exceed a net worth of N5 billion of agricultural assets under management over the next decade. Capavest’s goal is to ensure massive volumes of agro allied crops are harvested so as to export to the international market and ensure high net returns for our core investors. Some of our agro field portfolio will include Cocoa Beans, Cashew nut, soybeans and other high income yielding plantations in Nigeria. Some of our projects include:

Agbami Cocoa Plantation, Ondo State

Harvest Cocoa beans with a maximum yield of 6,000 MT and an interest rate of 18% – 24% at crop maturity per annum.

Masaba Cashew Nut Plantation, Ondo State

Harvest cashew nut with a maximum yield of 7,500 MT and an interest rate of 15% – 22% at crop maturity per annum.

Other Investment Projects

InGenius College, Lagos

Lekki Free Trade Zone